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Podcast Launches, Past Lives, and Personal Growth…oh my!!

Hey there, welcome back to Crystal Uncorked! In this episode, Crystal chats about her inspiring trip to a Dallas conference, her struggles and successes, and her surprising interests in past lives and numerology—all over a glass of 2022 Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc.

Crystal shares the journey of launching her top-rated podcasts, overcoming self-doubt with the empowering mantra ‘why not me?’, and rediscovering her drive after the challenging 2020 lockdowns. Her reflections on personal growth and success, especially her experience becoming a millionaire at 38, truly show that amazing things happen when you believe in yourself.

This episode is also a deep-dive into the risk of comparison and the importance of carving your own path. With funny anecdotes, like her tiny horse picture, and honest conversations about her journey, Crystal reminds us to define success on our own terms and stay in our lane.

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So, What Should We Do Next?

  • Embrace the ‘Why Not Me?’ Mantra: Start to flip your own script from self-doubt to self-confidence. Believe in your potential and start taking steps towards doing what you love.
  • Launch Your Podcast or Project: Be inspired by Crystal’s journey of launching two successful podcasts. Begin planning or executing your own project, drawing from Crystal’s experiences and lessons learned.
  • Stop Comparing, Start Celebrating: Make a conscious effort to resist the urge to compare your journey to others’. Instead, focus on celebrating your unique achievements and defining success on your own terms.

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