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I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Conn and our souls just connected. Jennifer is a spiritual educator, and offers mediumship and clarity readings, retreats, and other amazing spirit work through her business, The Medium Experience. 

As Jennifer has come into her space as a Medium, she comes from a place of urging both herself and others to trust themselves. Spirit is all about energy, frequency, and your inner work. She shares some beautiful insight into choosing yourself as you heal yourself and dig into the deep work. 

When constantly pouring into others in acts of service, recharging is important. For Jennifer, she finds balance and grounding in being in water, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise, and journaling. Many can be intimidated about starting a journaling routine, I have found myself specifically in a rut of what to write during my morning journaling. Jennifer’s advice: Ask questions, lots of questions. You don’t have to always find the answers but seek thought and curiosity in giving yourself permission to admit what you do not know.

Jennifer embodies the human experience and the medium experience as one. If you want to stay connected and see beautiful things, be sure to follow The Medium Experience on Instagram where she does live Champagne Channeling every Friday. You can also find her on her website to book readings or learn about future events like her upcoming retreat,  Je Vois. Jennifer also recently launched The Medium Experience podcast available on all platforms.

I cannot wait to dive into all of this beautiful advice, resources, and recommendations. 

What’s Inside:

  • Allowing yourself to trust in yourself and the universe.
  • How the Medium Experience can help you find clarity.
  • Can spiritual work be luxurious?
  • Tips for doing inner work through journaling.
  • The importance of recharging and choosing you.
  • How to stay connected with Jennifer Conn at The Medium Experience.

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