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Let’s get real…I haven’t been trusting myself. This year I’ve invested a lot in myself, $57,000 to be honest…no small chunk of change for me. I’ve joined masterminds, professional development, programs, live events, you name it. And time and time again…I’m hearing the same information. And I know that I’ve learned things that are priceless and things that I might not see a return on right away. But when I’m hearing things I already know, I have to ask: What am I doing with this? How am I using this knowledge? 

The truth is I’ve been consuming and consuming and consuming content to stay busy. It’s procrastination. I’ve been so focused on other people’s stories, successes, and results that I just looked up and realized I’m in the wrong car on the wrong road to the wrong place. I’m realizing now that I have been so occupied with these training sessions that I haven’t made time and allowed myself to go inward and decide what I really want and get creative with my thinking. 

So what am I doing about this? For me, I really need a Content Detox. I’m not listening to podcasts on my walks or in the car, I’m taking a break from the content I’ve been consuming. I’m listening to music and letting my mind wander. It’s amazing when you make the space to think, the questions and ideas that will come to you!

If you’re like me and always wanted to know where your path leads, what’s going to happen, and what your results are going to look like…I urge you to slow down. Go inward. Trust the process. Trust yourself!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening, I will be back in December after the Thanksgiving holiday!

What’s Inside:

  • What are you benefiting from the content you consume?
  • Are you making time to go inward and pursue your own desires?
  • “I already know this”, How are you using the information you’ve learned?
  • Can a content Detox pave the way to a more creative mind?

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