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Last week, we talked all about my three-day strategy meeting with my mentor, Patricia Norins. I’m back to finish up with the remaining four of the seven lessons I learned during this incredible meeting.

Lesson Four: Compete with Yourself

I had to admit I was spending way too much time looking at other creators and businesses and comparing myself to them. Patricia really helped me see this was such a waste of my time. If I’m not competing against others, how can I stay motivated and fulfil that competitive streak within me? The answer is, compete against myself, keep working harder and doing better than I ever have.

Lesson Five: Stay True to You

I had this really great Idea that I was super pumped about because it just made so much sense. But when I really thought about it, it wasn’t for me. It wasn’t going to have me jumping out of bed and it wasn’t right for MY business. Every Idea you have does not have to be actualized. It’s okay to have good ideas and say “that’s cool but it’s not right for me”. Staying true to you will help you keep your eye on the business goals that are right for you!

Lesson Six: Visualize your Made It Moment

The three of us, Patricia, Pauline, and I, stared out into the ocean and shared our “Made it” moments. These are what you see when you close your eyes and envision success. What does that “Wow I’ve made It! This is what I’ve worked hard for.”, moment look like for you? I challenge you to visualize that moment and use it to fuel you and your business, keeping you aligned no matter what road blocks you hit along the way.

Lesson Seven: Treat your Household Finances Like a Business

Patricia helps me not only with my business but in many personal ways too and she shared this tip with me that I think is such a great idea. Dustin and I aren’t married and we really keep our finances separated right now, but as we move toward our future, we have to sit and think about our mutual goals. We sat down for our first strategy meeting for our relationship and it was so comforting and exciting to see how our goals matched up.

These are the last of my many lessons I took from my strategy meeting. I can’t wait to hear about your made it moment, please share with me on Instagram!

What’s Inside:

  • Behind the scenes with my mentor.
  • Four of the Seven Lessons in Business.
  • Competing against yourself.
  • Staying true to yourself.
  • Visualize your “made it” moment.
  • Treating your household finances like a business.

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