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Recently I spent three days all about strategy with my mentor, Patricia Norins. I have been working with her for 7 or 8 years. In this episode, I am sharing three of the seven lessons I learned over the course of this meeting. I am sharing behind-the-scenes takeaways that are relatable but also really personal. I am drinking on of my ALL time favs, a 2018 Cab by Joel Gott (one you should always have on hand!). Cheers! Let’s get into those lessons.

Lesson One: You have to make time for strategy. 

Oftentimes you schedule the meeting, you prep, you attend, and suddenly 15 minutes in you’re talking about logistics and processes and everything BUT strategy. Talking strategy and making time for it is such a smart idea for business. This is such a crucial time for growth where you can explore goals and decide the avenues that are right for you. We used SWOT analysis to divide and decide the goals that are best to pursue. I created a theme of three words that guided my strategy meeting. Scale. Evolve. Diversify.

Lesson Two: Start the meeting thinking big, then work backward.

I highly recommend creating the agenda and prepping for the meeting structure beforehand. I originally had planned to start, day one, where are we at? Day two, where do we wanna go? Patricia suggested we flip that. Day one we talked about goals with the sky’s the limit, nothing is unattainable and then follow up with day two on the day to day and now. You get so caught in the weeds in the logistics of discussing where you’re at and what’s working and what’s not working that it can be hard to pause and start being expansive with goal setting. Going high with your thinking and then bringing it down can help you set new goals AND the steps to attain them from where you’re at.

Lesson Three: Give space to create and don’t rush the process.

A tip from my three days is to switch up the environment, we were moving locations from my house​​ to dinner and so on, but keeping the conversation going. I had been feeling so deflated lately with the show and I was just trying to figure out what direction I am going next. Patricia encouraged me to allow myself to set the goal to not monetize the show for the rest of this year or even next year. This opportunity to just enjoy and have fun, felt right. Through this space of freedom to create and grow, I feel like I can go slow and create something even better.

These were three of my seven lessons from my three days with my mentor, Patricia Norins. Listen in next week for the remaining four because I definitely saved the best for last!

What’s Inside:

  • Behind the scenes with my mentor.
  • Three of the seven lessons in business.
  • Making time for strategy.
  • Start your meeting thinking big.
  • Give space to create.

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