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In this episode, your host Crystal Vilkaitis walks you through her journey of hosting her first-ever EVOLVE business conference.

Crystal navigates the ups and downs of event planning, discussing everything from unexpected logistical hurdles to the pursuit of ticket sales. Despite the challenges, she managed to successfully host the conference at the Gaylord in Denver, Colorado. Crystal shares the joy of reaching the milestone of selling over 100 tickets, affirming that every challenge faced was indeed a stepping stone to this accomplishment.

Next, Crystal takes you into the heart of the EVOLVE conference, an event marked by genuine connection and transformation. Despite initial concerns about a smaller crowd, the intimate gathering fostered a nurturing environment that exceeded everyone’s expectations. Listen to her heartfelt recount of the emotional closing of the conference, as well as the inspiring stories of personal growth shared by the attendees.

Finally, Crystal reflects on the financial success of EVOLVE and the rewarding outcome of the conference, leading to the exciting announcement of EVOLVE’s return in 2024. Despite initial apprehensions, the overwhelmingly positive feedback and stories of attendee transformation sparked a renewed commitment in Crystal to continue this impactful journey.

So, grab a glass and settle in as Crystal uncorks the experience of EVOLVE!

So, What Should We Do Next?

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