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Wine Recommendation from this Episode: 2019 Maile Rose

After an inspirational trip to Sonoma with family and friends, Burtech Family Vineyard was born. Dominic Burtech did not grow up in the wine industry or as an avid wine drinker, yet his family has created an amazing environment with amazing wines in Encinitas, California. 

In this interview, Dominic joins me at a table in their vineyard. The views are incredible as well as the Maile Rosé we are enjoying. The Maile Rosé is the namesake of his daughter who designed the wine right down to the letter and design of the bottle. As someone whose first choice for wine is not Rosé, this is actually one of my favorites.

“You have good grapes, you’re going to make good wine”, is the phrase Dominic quotes during our conversation. It is so true to their philosophy on the Burtech Family Vineyard. Dominic takes so much care of the vines and walks the vineyard daily. He proves that you do not have to have extensive knowledge about wine and grapes to be successful, you just have to be committed to doing the research and asking the right questions. 

Determined, passionate, and eager to learn, Dominic and his family turned their dream into a reality, even through the wild ride of 2020. For others thinking of pursuing this same dream, Dominic’s advice is to go for it with excitement and good intentions. For those that live locally, you have to visit this amazing vineyard and family. If not, be sure to check out the Burtech Family Vineyard online, they ship!

What’s Inside:

  • The background of The Burtech Family Vineyard.
  • How Dominic and his family work together on their wines.
  • Advice on challenges and inspiration for future vineyard owners.

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