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I first met David H. Lawrence XVII at a speaking event in 2017, since then I have had the pleasure to hear him speak several more times and each time we talk it is like the world stops. David has an impressive career across the entertainment industry from his 36-year career in radio, an extensive list of acting roles in well known TV shows, as well as work in the voice acting and voice over realm.  

During our conversation, David opens up about the naysayers in his life and how that propelled him forward in his goals and ambitions. Many people have these barriers, whether it be a person telling them they can’t do something or just a voice in their head that prevents them from getting started. I’ve spoken about my fear of getting started with this very podcast. If your fear is about failing, David shares some great insight on why you should not be afraid to fail. 

David has his very own recipe for success: “Do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t”. But in order to figure out what works and what doesn’t, you have to take the first step. David encourages people to use their failures to propel them toward success by knowing what to do less of and their success to grow more success by doing more of those behaviors. He shares this beautiful sentiment that there are probably so many amazing things the world has yet to experience because someone hasn’t taken the first step to get started. So… what are you waiting for?

Speaking of waiting. That’s David’s question for himself. When I asked him what he would change in a do-over across his life and career, David said he would have moved to LA and pursued an acting career earlier in life. What was he waiting for, is David’s motivation behind that answer. While he values his career and all of the “acts” across his life, after experiencing the joy and value in his job as an actor, he wishes he could have had this sooner. 

David has a lot of questions. My listeners know I am a very curious person and David’s curiosities are nothing short of interesting. He shares that lately he’s allowed himself to be open to the more “woo” aspects of the world and those have been his curiosity but his bigger questions revolve around the status of the world and its survival. Questions David is asking… Are we going to survive as a species? Is our world going to be around in 10 or 15 years? And we get a little political as he shares his perspective on today’s leaders and the problems they are creating for our future.

David is not only accomplished as a radio personality, actor, and voice actor but he shares his other accomplishments as well. David is the creator of the Rehearsal Pro, an app designed to assist entertainers in memorizing their lines that is utilized by thousands of well known individuals in the entertainment industry. He also provides training for audibles ACX program as well as extensive voice over training. 

This was an awesome and truly open conversation for today’s Crystal Uncorked. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. You can learn all about David’s courses through their respective websites and you can find out more about David H. Lawrence XVII on his personal website or via social media.

What’s Inside:

  • The amazing career journey of David H. Lawrence XVII.
  • Advice for breaking past the fear of getting started.
  • Why taking the first step is so important.
  • David’s “recipe” for success.
  • What will it take for the world to survive past the next decade?
  • The innovative app created by David to aid the entertainment industry. 

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