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Wine Recommendation from this Episode: 2015 Cowgirl Cabernet

No, it’s not made of strawberries. Strawberry Wine is a country music-inspired wine company that captures a moment in time. Kate Edgecombe, friend, sommelier, and creator of Strawberry Wine Company, joins me today to talk about her wine and the inspiration behind it. We are both drinking her Cabernet Sauvignon, and it is delicious. She also has a Rosé and announces in this episode, for the first time ever, the newest wine to be added to Strawberry Wine Company. 

Kate says the inspiration for Strawberry Wine Company is two-fold. Her first desire to create a new wine came from the lack of options and quality in wine at music and event venues. As an avid country music listener and concert attendee, she was constantly underwhelmed by her choices for wine. References to alcohol are not scarce in the music industry, and there is no shortage of songs about wine. Kate says her Spotify playlist is hundreds of songs deep. The name Strawberry Wine came to her as this beautiful reference to so many things, at just this moment in time. While she does get confused around the name and its specificity to her type of wine, when she tells the story, people love it!

These wines are incredible. I’m holding the Cabernet Sauvignon in my hand and it’s amazing down to the bottle and label. As someone who explicitly states, I am not a wine expert; this bottle tells me all the flavors and notes I should be tasting, and suddenly I can point out those exact flavors! As a sommelier, Kate wanted to make sure her clients could understand and experience the wine as if she was sharing it with them.

Kate is on a journey to create better choices for wine in venues. She definitely hit a setback, when her first bottle was released at the height of COVID in April 2020. However, as the world opens back up she is ready to share her wine with the world and country music lovers alike. As we recorded this she was gearing up for her first wine festival.

Stay tuned, because I am excited to announce Kate agreed to do a virtual wine tasting with the Crystal Uncorked community. More details coming soon, so be sure to follow me and Strawberry Wine on Instagram!

What’s Inside:

  • The inspiration for Strawberry Wine Company.
  • Wine tastes and pallets from owner and sommelier, Kate Edgecombe.
  • Why is there not better wine available in music venues?

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