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July 4th, 2017, Rob and Leah Davis had their lives completely turned upside down when their seemingly healthy son Blake passed out. One minute they were buckling him into the car seat, and the next minute they realized he had stopped breathing. I’ve seen their journey from the outside being friends of Rob and Leah, but they invited me in to hear how they’ve navigated one of the hardest periods in their lives. Prepare your hearts for their touching tribute to their son Blake and the lives he’s been able to touch in the last four years.

By the time Rob and Leah made it to the hospital, doctors were mystified by what made Blake stop breathing. He looked completely healthy and was anxious to get up and explore the hospital. But as the doctor got ready to send a scope down his throat to rule out any problems in that area, he started to go unconscious again. For nearly a month, Blake was placed in a medically-induced coma to give his heart and lungs a chance to heal and get better, and Rob and Leah were shuttling between the hospital and home, caring for Blake and their daughter Scarlett.

Friends and family begged for some way to help them out, but it wasn’t until a social worker suggested that Rob and Leah give them something to do that the For Blake movement really began. As they sat in the hospital with Blake, messages poured in from friends, family, and strangers about how they were making a difference in the world in Blake’s name.

Leah says that this is their story and in so many ways, she hates their story. And yet, this wave of positivity surrounds Blake and his memory. The kindness movement builds every year and buoys them up with light and love. In honor of what would have been Blake’s 5th birthday, do a good deed in April.  Spread the good and change the world, in memory of Blake Davis. #ForBlake

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