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If you’re a listener or a follower of mine, you have probably had the chance to see some of Christina Gressianu’s work. Christina is a dear friend of mine, whom I met on Twitter nearly 15 years ago! Today, she is joining me on the show from her photography studio in Loveland, Colorado. I am so happy to finally be close by and continue to work with her often. In this episode she shares some insights she has on photography, being a photographer, and even being photographed.

Christina makes this really beautiful statement, “A photograph is just a slice of life.” This is so true, it’s really just a small peak at a moment, and many times clients can get worried, concerned, and at times displeased with how they look. As a photographer, Christina’s focus is truly about making her clients and subjects feel comfortable. One of her cardinal rules is to never let a client become the butt of a joke, she loves to crack jokes but they will always be at her expense to get her clients laughing, having fun, and feeling good during a session. She calls it a “human experience”, and I got to experience that first hand!

One of the photos from my shoot with Christina.

Behind the camera, photographing her clients, is where Christina feels the most in the zone. For her, sales and marketing is nerve wracking and her most difficult feat in her business. She is so genuine and wants the experience to be exactly what the client needs and can afford. She talks a bit about what it’s like as a photographer making sales, and the investment good photography is for someone. We even chat about a big ticket conversation: iPhone versus professional photography.

Whether you’re an adult or a child, showing up to a photography session can really feel like the pressure is on. Christina shares some stories about how she helps lighten the pressure and some tidbits of advice to make your next shoot go in the desired direction. 

Check out Christina Gressianu’s portfolio and social media to see some of her work!

What’s Inside:

  • How should you prepare for a professional photography session?
  • iPhone versus Professional Photography, which is better?
  • How to loosen the pressure during a photography shoot?
  • The importance of honesty and authenticity as a photographer.
  • A photographer’s cardinal rule for keeping clients comfortable.

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