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Oh my gosh! The shock of last week’s episode!! Cheers! *decaf coffee in hand*. If you missed last week go back and check it out, because I’m engaged!!!

Leaving off from talking about my tearful company meeting and the appreciation of vulnerability I got from one of my employees. I’m just so thankful for the feedback I got from multiple employees in the subsequent hours and days after that meeting; so much support, appreciation, and meaningful connections.

Personally, I don’t like the fluff, I’m a cut- to-the-chase open, honest, meaningful kinda girl which can be challenging, and that’s where I’ve been struggling. I don’t know about you but I tend to feel alone in my problems; like no one else has been going through whatever I’m going through. But I can’t stress enough how much you can benefit and impact others by being vulnerable and being open and sharing what you’re going through. Every single time I open up, I continuously get this outpouring of support, “me too’s”, mutual feelings, and common stories that just mean so much to me.

Through all these moments and stories of vulnerability I’ve shared, I’ve seen how people, like me, are really letting fear, and the fear of what people think hold them back. But when you just let go, you can be your authentic true self. So what if you were TRULY you? What if you let down your walls? Would you show up in work and life differently?

I challenge you to move forward after listening to today’s episode ready to be vulnerable and ready to take down your walls. It might be scary, but I promise you can do it. When you commit, the world provides. Lemme know what happens, DM me on Instagram and share your story.

I’ll see you on the next CU.

What’s Inside:

  • What can happen when you’re vulnerable?
  • The sense of community and support that can come from being vulnerable.
  • What’s keeping you from opening up and letting go?
  • How can being your authentic self open new doors and opportunities?
  • A challenge of vulnerability from Crystal.

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