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In this part 1 episode I  am sharing my 9 MUST DOs’ in the social media and digital marketing world. Some you might already be doing, some you might be on your list to try, and some might seem totally crazy… but I promise you businesses who are doing any of these 9 tips are going to see some success this year. So let’s dive in. 

  1. Increase in video usage: Leverage video to connect with customers
    -Short-form video with Reels and TikToks
    -Live stream
  2. Tiktok: Powerful algorithm, especially locally with FREE reach. Change your mindset this is no longer a “kids dance app” it is a powerful business tool.
  3. Personalization through segmentation: Separating email lists to address specific, personalized audiences with relevant content.
  4. Prioritizing customer engagement: Client-focused marketing with meaningful, connecting, engaging content.
  5. Personal branding with authenticity: Be uniquely yourself, people buy from the people they know, like, and trust.
  6. Storytelling: Making connections and meaningful content with real stories…people love to relate to stories.
  7. Social commerce: It is easier than ever to sell through social media, especially through TikTok. Post promotional content through Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, or Pinterest and tag your products.
  8. Real-time marketing: Posting and sharing in-the-moment content, inspired by Be Real and TikTok Now.
  9. Customer Service: Small businesses can use social media to connect and reach customers through social media. Save time with automation by setting up chatbots to answer frequently asked questions. Go above and beyond.

Okay, my challenge for you…consider these 9 trends and let me know which one you’re really going to focus on. Send me a DM or email and let me know, I can’t wait to hear about it! I’ll see you soon for part 2.

See you on the next CU!

What’s Inside:

  • Crystal’s Top Trends and Predictions in Social Media.
  • How can TikTok, Instagram, and other social platforms be used in marketing?
  • Why you should consider getting personal with your customers.
  • Authenticity is the new personal brand.
  • Video content advice and tips.
  • Is TikTok becoming a new version of Amazon?
  • Why you should consider bringing your customers behind the scenes.
  • A useful tool for automating and improving customer service.

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