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Can I get a WOOHOO!? *Pops Champagne* While I’m not drinking on today’s episode, I am certainly celebrating. We have reached 10 years in business at Crystal Media!! I am so proud and honored to reach this milestone along with my team. In honor of this exciting milestone, I am sharing my top ten tips and lessons learned over the last 10 years of business.

Tip 1: Mentorship

I wouldn’t be where I am today without a mentor.  In episode 6 I talk about mentorship and my personal mentor, Patricia Norins. I recommend 1 on 1 mentors as well as taking advantage of support from Masterminds!

Tip 2: List Building

I’m still working on this, even 10 years in! Use creative ways to build your email list. Email marketing is one of the top sales generators for Crystal Media, and I think we could be a lot more strategic in building the list.

Tip 3: “Happy to Help”

This has been the Crystal Media motto from the very beginning! This is a no BS slogan, I genuinely mean it. People recognize it, they’re grateful, they give you their trust, and they become lifelong customers.

Tip 4: Give Value

Over the last 10 years, I’ve focused on over-delivering. I give away free info and high-value information during speaking events because it’s more important to me to REALLY help someone even if I don’t make a sale right then… because those clients will remember me and my content when they need me.

Tip 5: Find Like-Minded Partners

When you find partners that are at the same level as you and with the same expectations, you have an audience that is primed and ready to receive you! Big shout out to one of our partners, WhizBang! Training, who have been a huge asset for growing our speaking events and so fun to work with!

Stay tuned for next week, where I pick up with part 2 and my last 5 tips of lessons learned during the last 10 years in business!

What’s Inside:

  • Celebrating 10 Years in Business with Crystal Media.
  • Top 10 Lessons Learned in Business.
  • Why you need a mentor to excel in business.
  • The importance of strategic list building.
  • Why being a genuine helper is a great tool in business relationships.
  • Can you be more successful when you provide high-value content for free?
  • The advantage of like-minded partnerships.

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