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If you’ve been wondering about NFTs, how you can get involved, and what they can do for your business or even if you are totally new to this, this episode is mind-blowing. 🤯 In this interview with one of my favorite people ever, Stacey Murphy, we talk all about this insane new technology and what it’s all about. Stacey is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, imaginative thinker, and founder of Rainbow Spiderwebs.

Zone of Genius

Stacey’s zone of genius is just amazing, she has the unique power of believing in YOU. She describes this talent as being able to see people’s true desires and visions, think imaginatively about them, and envision them to be carried out in prosperity and abundance. Stacey came from a childhood that really required her to dig deep in believing in herself, making way for her gift to the world. 

Where are Stacey’s Curiosities?

This question, I love to ask my guests, actually came from Stacey herself. Stacey’s heart is really in a place of caring for and valuing our planet. Right now, she is asking some pretty profound and interesting questions:  How can we harmonize technology and nature? How do we use emerging technology, specifically blockchain, with natural elements?

NFTs and Blockchain Technology

An NFT does not stand for “New Fantastical technology” as Stacey so lovingly says but instead it is a Non Fungible Token. This means something that is unique, scarce, and cannot be exchanged one for one with anything on the planet. NFTs are symbols of the shift to a creator economy. Artists will create a painting for example, they can put it on the Blockchain and sell it and continuously receive royalty on every sale thereafter, unlike in physical reality where they would only benefit from the initial sale. The Blockchain creates a ledger where you can view the history of any sale of an NFT. Sales of NFT on the blockchain must be purchased with crypto via a digital wallet. 

Stacey Murphy

Stacey and I discuss our experiences with NFTs, some unique projects that are making big impacts, and even NFT ideas for Crystal Uncorked. You can find out more about her at her personal website, as well as via Rainbow SpiderWebs. Stacey urges people to learn more about NFTs and the Blockchain now because it is going to change the world and the way we operate, she recommends learning more at

How are YOU going to use NFTs for your business?

What’s Inside:

  • What is an NFT?
  • What is a Blockchain?
  • How can NFTs and technology support our environment?
  • How our world is shifting to a creator economy.
  • How can NFTs benefit your small business?

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