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Get ready for a super exciting announcement! But, before I get into that I want to back up and share some behind the scenes on how it all came to be and my formula and process for making decisions, like this.

Recently I was taking part in a mastermind call, and the speaker was a producer of a ton of popular TV shows. And if you’re a listener, you know I have a dream to have my own show. After getting my chance to ask some questions, the speaker really dialed in on what it means to have success in a show. Consistent, well-known, audience-anticipated segments! Something your listeners and viewers looks forward to and come back for again and again because they just know they’re gonna get something good.

This really got me thinking, and sparked my curiosity…so let’s dive into my decision formula:

Step 1 – Get curious and ask questions

This is where I was really considering the future of the show, what I was looking for, and really what does a successful show look like?

Step 2 – Research 

In my research, I found that podcasts that have the highest engagement are really specific niches….not really the direction I’ve taken with Crystal Uncorked.

Step 3 – Niche

Okay, if I were to pick a niche…where is my expertise? Where do I have the most potential to make an impact?

Step 4 – Find my Perfect Customer Group (PCG!)

What does my PCG need? What is their dream outcome? What are their obstacles? What are the solutions to those obstacles?

And finally, I got to my decision….and my announcement… I’m launching a new podcast! Rooted in Retail is launching on March 5th with weekly episodes. I’ll be talking about all aspects of retail from marketing, to inventory to customer service AND I’ll have guests with tons of experience and value to bring to other retailers! I know I can bring a ton of impact to my retail community with my experience and passion for this industry.

I would love your support, so listen, leave a review, and reach out to me on social media!

But don’t worry Crystal Uncorked is here to stay too. So….I’ll see you on the next CU.

See you on the next CU!

What’s Inside:

  • My decision-making formula.
  • The value in a niche.
  • Finding your PCG!
  • A special and exciting announcement.

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