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Imagine growing your low sales, low performing retail store into a multi-store, multi-million dollar operation. Bob Negen did just that during his 2 decades as a retail owner of a kite turned toy store. Now he is the co-founder of WhizBang! Retail Training, where he has transitioned his knowledge into helping other retailers find success in their businesses.

The Why Behind WhizBang!

Founded in November 1999, WhizBang! Retail Training was born after the struggle but ultimate success of Bob’s store. He built this retail business during a time when there was no internet, email, or social media. There were no at your fingers resources, like there are today. As he spent time figuring it out himself, through trial and error and a lot of hard work, Bob knew that along with his partner Susan they had the qualities and skills to really teach others how to be successful without making the mistakes and taking the time it took them.  

Zone of Genius

Many, including Bob’s wife and business partner Susan, would say Bob’s skill of pride is his speaking. They are not wrong, if you haven’t heard Bob speak, you need to, he is incredible. However, Bob has another unique skill that he labels his Zone of Genius. Bob has the ability to see independent retail businesses at a higher level, he can scope out the strategy, the plan, the ideas, and see it all play out to success. This is great for Bob’s clients as he helps them work towards success.

Doing It Over

I asked Bob, if he could go back and change anything, what would it be. He brings it back to his kite store with the simple change of finding more mentors. Again, Bob’s business was built in a time prior to the technology and resources we have today. That doesn’t mean there weren’t resources out there. He knows he could have done more to identify the mentors that could have helped him find his success even faster, and there was more work to have been done with the mentors he did have. Now, as the co-founder of WhizBang! Retail Trainer he strives to be that mentor and resource for his clients.

Secret Weapons

Bob’s secret weapons are not what you’d expect. A really foundational idea for Bob and his success is the importance of mindfulness and a focus on health. He recommends and describes some truly cool apps and technology that allow Bob to sift through the data, to understand his health and wellness, and ultimately perform better.

10% Happier – A Mindfulness lesson, followed by a guided meditation

Inner Balance by HeartMath – Neurofeedback from meditation, that provides real time feedback on coherence on whether your brain and heart are in sync. Meditation and Mindfulness meets technology. 

WellTory – An analytical app that provides three readings: Stress, Energy, and Overall health and provides lifestyle recommendations based on your data.

WhizBang! Retail Training

Be on the lookout for new things from WhizBang! Including the 2022 Retail Success Summit, the launch of the Retail Sales Academy Plus, Bob’s new book, and my special Social Media Day 2022 the day prior to the summit. Don’t forget, if you haven’t gotten your ticket, you can call the WhizBang! Office and receive special pricing by letting them know you heard this podcast episode. Join the WhizBang! community via email list to receive the tip of the day and a link to Bobs Video Blog, as well as their Facebook group full of robust retail content.

What’s Inside:

  • A look back at the history behind Bob Negens Businesses.
  • A pretty crazy business story all about YoYos.
  • How mindfulness meets business is a recipe for success.
  • Bob Negen’s critical advice on utilizing mentors for retail success.
  • What’s next for WhizBang! Retail Training
  • 3 application and technology recommendations that will take your health and wellness to the next level.

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