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That’s a wrap! Yes, Season One of Crystal Uncorked has come to an end. As you know, I have a lot of transitions in my life right now. We just moved to Colorado, we’re temporarily living in an AirBnB, and I am still figuring out what this new environment means to me. 

Coming from California to Colorado, I can finally feel winter like a real season. Something about this cold season is calling me into hibernation. I am feeling very pulled to turn inward and reflect on myself right now. I’ve always been super open about the importance of doing what feels right for you, and for me what feels right is to pause. Not stop. Not end. Just pause.

If I were to keep going at this time, I would be pushing myself against the direction my heart is calling. I don’t want to push. I want to be pulled and I want to listen. So for now I am taking this time to explore some things I am excited about personally, have some adventures, and just slow down as I settle into life in Colorado after living away from my family for 11 years.

So what’s next? Crystal Uncorked, Season Two will be out in 2022. Stay tuned for amazing guests, virtual events,  my home studio, and so much more. I may be taking a pause, but you can still find me online and on Instagram, so follow along or join our email list to stay connected.

I’ll see you in 2022, well-rested, energized, and better than ever!

What’s Inside:

  • Season One has come to an end.
  • What will Crystal be up  to during the break?
  • What does the end of the season mean for Crystal Uncorked?
  • What to expect for Season Two, Crystal Uncorked.

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