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We’re live at the Las Vegas Market. Dawn Grooters started her company Broken Vessel Sales in 2020 when she noticed a need between retailers and wholesalers, creating and working with inside sales and making connections. She works with wholesalers, vendors, and rep groups, and even helps retailers.

As the expert in all things sales, Dawn offers some great tips for small businesses that might be experiencing slow and small conversions in traffic. All her advice really comes down to what she calls the top business strength of the year, Building Relationships. If you want to see more sales, start asking questions, call top customers, and get to know them. Questions like: What do you need? What’s your usual budget? What categories are you drawn to? Can really go a long way. 

We all know that it’s tough out here in this economy. Dawn’s advice? Stay focused on inventory but with a slightly different lens. Don’t let the recession scare you, you just need to tweak and add things by just looking at things with a new perspective. These times are when creativity and innovation can flourish if you let it. 

Broken Vessel Sales also provides a service of creating sales calls to small retailers for vendors and following up with leads. She has a special mission and drive to hire stay-at-home moms as her sales callers because of its remote and flexible nature. 

This really was a great chat! If you’re in the industry, be sure to check out Dawn’s podcast Broken Vessel Sales Solutions.

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What’s Inside:

  • Tips for Inside Sales.
  • The Strength of Relationships in Sales.
  • How to keep selling in a recession.
  • A service to connect vendors and retailers.

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