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Whether you think you need to be using LinkedIn or not…Viveka Von Rosen says, you do. Viveka is the CVO of Vengreso, which started out with sales prospecting training programs and has now created an incredible text expander software for business owners and entrepreneurs, FlyMSG. 

So many people are not using LinkedIn the way they should be, I’m guilty of this too. But Viveka brings up something so important, something she calls “Google Juice”. If a prospective client or business relationship Googles you or your business, what are they gonna see? Is your old, outdated, unappealing LinkedIn page going to appear and make you seem unprofessional or uncommitted?  It doesn’t matter if you’re B2B or B2C, Viveka makes the point that it’s all human to human in business and LinkedIn can help make those connections. 

If you want a safe place for prospective connections to land from Google, Viveka shares some things to consider for your page. 

-An appealing background image with your business name, logo, or other relevant images.

-A clear professional profile photo of you NOT your logo

-A meaningful headline including your tagline or motto

These are just the basics but there are many more free, simple features on a base-level LinkedIn page that can seriously up your game. The good news too is that you likely won’t have to create these elements from scratch, you can recycle images and content from your other social media! This isn’t all when it comes to LinkedIn and Viveka has been so generous to include a FREE digital copy of her book, 101 Ways to Rock LinkedIn for my listeners!

Now about that text expander… Viveka is on a mission to save time for the 1 billion knowledge workers around the world. 1 hour or more DAILY in fact. If you’ve ever had to sift through old emails to copy and paste a response, save info in a document to use in emails and messages, or reference your website for critical data like phone numbers or mailing addresses to send then Viveka is about to change your life. Viveka’s company Vengreso developed FlyMSG, a text expander that allows quick and easy shorthand to drop in a pre-dictated text relevant to you and your business, saving you an insane amount of time and even headspace. 

This is such an awesome episode where Viveka not only shares some really great tips you can use on LinkedIn but a lesson in pivoting, learning and trying new things in business. And don’t forget to check out the Ebook and FlyMSG for free!!

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What’s Inside:

  • Why you should be using LinkedIn for your business.
  • Tips for leveraging your business with LinkedIn.
  • Free Virtual Access to 101 Ways to Rock LinkedIn.
  • Save crucial time with text expander software that will change your response game.

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