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Wine Recommendation from this Episode: Joel Gott Cabernet

We are shaking things up this week. Today, I am pretending we are at a dinner party together, and I am sharing some of my favorites and things I would talk about with my friends. The wine I am “enjoying” today will be that of my future self when I am drinking at dinner, enjoying the view with my friends just a few hours after recording this episode. 

If you were a friend at my house for dinner, we would start by talking about some of our favorite TV shows. I have a secret, or not so secret, desire to be the host of the Bachelorette. I love reality and love TV shows. I’m also watching a few other shows I share about that spark my need for creativity and another that is just such a sweet show. Do you cry at movies? I tell you about a movie I just added to my list of those that have me sobbing at the end.

Now for my book picks, if you can believe it, I am reading 7 books right now. It’s a good mix of business, inspirational, educational, and a fiction story thrown in there. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid is the fiction story I am reading right now. I started it on my Hawaii vacation because as I mentioned last week I had committed to a full unplug no work, business, or socials, so this was just for pleasure. I am also reading quite a few books I go into detail with that help with doing work with yourself and your thinking, as well as books focusing on money and business. So many great book recommendations for you if you’re looking for your next thing to read. 

What would a dinner party be without games!? This past weekend we had a game weekend and I am sharing some of my favorites. One of the games I love the most is Catan. We play the Cities and Knights version, but it is like Monopoly meets Risk and it is just so much fun. There are a ton of other games I list that are so fun to play with friends and family. 

If any of these things are your favorites too or you end up trying them, please let me know what you think! I wanna hear from you if you’re enjoying these episodes, so please leave a review, share pictures of you listening, anyway you are consuming this content!

What’s Inside:

  • “Chat” with Crystal like you’re a guest at a dinner party.
  • Hear Crystal’s favorite for Wine, Shows, Movies, Books, and Games.

Mentioned in this Episode:

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The Work of Byron Katie
Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza (Paperback Book)
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
Post Corona by Scott Galloway
Believe IT Book by Jamie Kern Lima
Tax-Free Wealth | The official website for the world of CATAN
Official Store | Settlers of Catan CATAN® Cities & Knights™ Game Expansion
Scotland Yard – Family Game: Toys & Games
Games Adults Play – True Colors Card Game – What Do Your Friends Really Think of You?
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