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Wine Recommendation from this Episode: 2018 Threes Company Blend by Akash Winery

One of the many reasons I love business is the opportunity to learn every day. Brandy Searcy joins me today to discuss her company, Rain Organica, a vegan skincare line. We talk about the lessons she’s learned in the journey of building her business and even some bonus tips and information for your skin health.

Brandy is an engineer, scientist, and skin health junkie. Her need for a clean solution to her skincare problems and her passion for functional medicine, lead to the creation of Rain Organica. Rain Organica is a vegan skincare line designed to be a routine you can easily build into your schedule, with simple packaging to follow you wherever life takes you. Brandy is an entrepreneur with a passion for skincare and even shared a few important tips.

Brandy’s Skin Health Tips:

  • Know what you’re putting on your skin. Most sunscreens contain ingredients that are undergoing questioning from the FDA. Try an antioxidant spray instead.
  • Protect your skin. Any clothing is going to be a protective barrier between your skin and the sun. Cover your skin and wear a hat to protect your face.
  • Check your skin. Check vulnerable areas and skin that has been exposed to the sun for long periods.
  • Advocate for yourself. Visit the doctor and request a biopsy if you’re concerned with something you’ve found on your skin.

When Brandy set out to create Rain Organica, she had her ideal customer in mind. She has learned over time that while her ideal customer is the same, the conversation has changed. She had to look at who she was, what she knew, and the platforms she needed to reach that ideal customer. Brandy speaks to the importance of being yourself and sharing what you know, when you do that the rest will come.

As a business owner, it can be so hard to achieve a work/life balance. Brandy not only owns and operates her company, and she has a day job as well. She found that even when she was “off”, she was really still on because her brain was constantly thinking about her business. Even when you love what you do, you have to set boundaries.

Brandy’s tip for work/life balance is to keep your boundary firm and create space between life and work. She says that if she’s out with her husband or upstairs in her bedroom, her phone does not come with her. Leaving her phone behind helps her be present in what she’s doing and eliminates the ability to check emails or other business tasks. Brandy says she’s experienced a total mindset shift since doing this, and it’s definitely for the best.

Who not how. It’s okay to outsource work! I paid Brandy a compliment on her social media content, which she shares someone helps her with it, so she can focus on her strengths and developing her skin care line. As the owner of Crystal Media, it’s something I teach my audience, you need to get help because as the business owner, it’s challenging to do social media well. With her outsourcing her social media, she knows that she can provide the information and be the face, but regarding creating content and scheduling posts, it’s not the best use of her time.

This episode is packed with tips for business owners and entrepreneurs who are starting new ventures or refining old ones. Brandy Searcy is full of knowledge from skincare to owning and operating a company. Be sure to check out and use crystaluncorked for a 15% discount on her skincare line! Also be sure to check out her podcast for more health tips!

What’s Inside:

  • The creation of Rain Organica, vegan skincare. 
  • Brandy’s skin health tips.
  • Finding your ideal customer.
  • Achieving a work/life balance.
  • Managing your social Media.

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Brandy’s wine: The Pundit Syrah – Woodinville
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Use discount code: crystaluncorked (15% off)

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