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You’re not always perfect in business and in life. That’s okay! I talk about a real fear that holds some of my clients and people that I know back. One thing about me is that I definitely put myself out there. I love to do videos and go live. I like to have that personal online presence. Many people are afraid to join me on the podcasts or even utilize Facebook live for their own business. Why is that?

What I am hearing from a lot of different people is they are afraid to mess up, afraid to make mistakes, afraid to look bad, or get unwanted feedback. We are all human, and being human is messing up sometimes. That’s what makes us who we are. I have plenty of stories of my mistakes and some are really embarrassing. The key is to play it off, push through. Don’t end something just because you made a mistake. People actually love to see the mistakes, it’s what makes you real and what makes you, you!

Another thing people are held back by is the fear of being wrong. I say own it. I think I really have the gift to admit to being wrong and learn. Sometimes people feel like being corrected or getting feedback is an attack, but it’s not. People care about you, they care about your business, they want to help you and see you succeed.

In my own business, I have been guilty of wanting to be perfect and leaning on the ideas of people who already have success. There is no shortcut, when you try to make yourself like someone else you’re sacrificing your authenticity.

If I want you to take away anything from this episode, it is that you are a gift. If you don’t put yourself out there as unapologetically as you can, you are stealing something really beneficial from the world.

As you are listening, I am off on vacation. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

What’s Inside:

  • Being YOU: human, real, and authentic.
  • What to do when you mess up.
  • The fear of putting yourself out there.
  • Crystal’s thoughts, ideas, and mistakes.

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