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I am finally introducing you to my dear friend, team member, and integrator, Pauline Blasetti. Pauline has been working with me for 8 years, bringing me balance and pushing our business to the next level with her anything is possible attitude.

You wanted to hear from my integrator, and she tells us about how her job came to be. Years ago, Pauline told me I was a “Bad Manager” and she was right. As I talked about in episode 003, I discovered the book Rocket Fuel, which laid out a plan that I felt was right for shifting our businesses and would maybe even remedy my bad managerial skills. Pauline was on board and optimistic about her new job title and the clarity it provided.

An integrator is the person behind the visionary, making it happen, managing projects, managing the team, managing the calendar. Pauline does it all behind the scenes, and when I say do it all, I really mean it. The job description I gave her on our retreat to hammer out the details of our new plan and her role as our integrator was three pages long! Adding an integrator to your team is life-changing but it doesn’t happen overnight. It was an almost two-year transition for Pauline into this role and we’re still learning.

Just as the process to become an integrator was slow for Pauline, so is the hiring process for the rest of our team members. “I’m interested and I’m awesome” is the theme for our applicants. We want an email that says I’m interested and I’m awesome with a 3-minute or less video telling us why! Another unique part of our hiring process is our questionnaire, we eliminate the after interview response regret by giving our applicants time to truly use their experiences to best answer the questions with plenty of time to think and process.

Open communication and the ability to dive right in is a major benefit we see in our small business. Pauline and I’s work relationship and friendship is another benefit. Pauline is a great asset to our team and my business and her parting advice shows just how compassionate she is!

What’s Inside:

  • Being an integrator
  • Process of getting an integrator to the desired point 
  • Benefits and challenges of a small business
  • Our hiring process

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