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My guest Sarah Goldberger, CEO and Founder of Lord Jameson: Organic Dog Treats, joins me today with some really great advice for those in the pet industry but also for business owners in general. We talk about the importance of mentorship, embracing failure and uncertainty, and SuperZoo, an incredible conference for pet retailers and others in the pet industry.

Sarah so eloquently phrases her Zone of Genius, as the ability to “find the inner center”. When it comes to products, market voids, and even employees, Sarah has a unique talent to guide with intuition. I know, personally, I got where I am today because of influential mentors and guides along the way. Sarah and I really believe it’s your duty as a leader to pay it forward and guide and mentor those special people you encounter in your business journey.

We also talk about the F-Word: Failure. A lot of business owners and entrepreneurs are scared of that word. Sarah and I talk about what it really means to fail and all of the beauty, learning, innovation, and even success that can come when you accept failure as a step along the way.

Unusual for Crystal Uncorked, I have never actually met Sarah. But we are slated to meet at SuperZoo in August. If you haven’t heard of SuperZoo and you’re in the pet industry, it is the spot to be. With over 700 products, 70 big name buyers, and 1000+ exhibitors, it is the pet industry’s largest and most comprehensive trade show in North America. 

This episode is such a treat, literally! Sarah even gives us a special Crystal Uncorked secret in her new favorite, unreleased flavor for the upcoming season! She also shares about a  great resource for pet retailers that Crystal Media actually partners with, WPA365. Check out Lord Jameson on their social media channels to learn more about Sarah and her incredible products!

What’s Inside:

  • Tips, tricks, and advice for leaders in the pet industry.
  • The other F-word: Failure.
  • The importance of mentorship.
  • The new and secret flavor for Lord Jameson’s upcoming seasonal treat.
  • All about SuperZoo, the pet industry’s largest and most comprehensive trade show in North America.

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