Wine Recommendation: 2020 L’Atelier du Sud

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Paul de la Garza brings with him over 25 years of leadership experience. He is a dear family friend, my “adopted” father, and my business coach. He has a wealth of knowledge and a great sense of humor, both of which he lets shine in this episode.

Paul and I discuss this great analogy for your various journeys, whether it be in life, business, relationships or all of the above. So often you find yourself needing to know the end goal or the final destination that you’re not even on your way. For me, I was stuck in the car in the garage and I just needed to go. Too busy contemplating the future? Get on your way, tackle the path most likely, and move towards your future before you let it pass you by!

It’s also no secret that the last three years have been times of unprecedented crisis. Between the COVID pandemic, the economy in the United States, and the effects of international wars, it can be easy to become impaled by fear. Paul reminds us that while we cannot always be in control of what happens we can be in control of our response and the energy we bring with us!

Healthy debate is an important part of communication, listening and understanding. Paul explains the “Gem Statement” and the debate process as described by David Brooks, a renowned New York Times Columnist. When two people in a debate can come to this process, they create unity, community, and communication. Paul encourages people to follow this process and become better listeners and to more often seek to understand rather than to be understood.

This conversation with Paul filled me with hope for our world, community, and future. He leaves us with these beautiful words: “We are going through very interesting times, and it is very important to the power of one, that is us and wherever we stand we have the choice to become light or darkness…Have faith in yourself and the people around you.”

You can find out more about Paul de la Garza and his contact information by visiting his website, High Performance Business Solutions.

What’s Inside:

  • Wisdom for the journey of life, business, and relationships.
  • COVID, The Economy, and International War: Navigating Times of Crisis.
  • Being present in your moments despite the final destination.
  • A healthy debate process from David Brooks.
  • The importance of Listening.

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