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Human Design is the science of who you are and you can use it to create more ease and flow in your life.  In this interview with Adina Kroll, Human Design expert, and business and sales coach, she breaks down the types of Human Design and how the knowledge of what type you are can change how you operate your life. 

There are five types of Human Design and beyond that many directions that lead to your exact profile. Adina explains that when you’re able to identify your type and you resonate with your profile and your body graph chart, it can be freeing and lead you to a point where you’re not pushing so much. 

The five types of Human Design:

The Generator – Here for pure mastery of the one thing they are truly lit up and the ability to generate lifeforce. 

The Manifestor – Here to initiate new ways for both ideas and people. 

The Manifesting Generator – Here to find shortcuts. A unique hybrid of the Manifestor and Generator. 

The Projector – Here to guide and be very wise about the energy of people. 

The Reflector – Here to amplify and reflect the health of the community.

Among all of the amazing information Adina shared, she reminds us that life does not have to be so hard, in general and also with business and money. Understanding your Human Design can be a key that unlocks an understanding and permission for you to be your authentic self. 

For people who are new to human design, you plug in your birthdate and birth time and it generates a profile for you with your type and chart. You can do that for free online by googling “Human Design Chart” or two of the sites we discussed in today’s episode. Today you get to hear a little about my chart and my type, but I am so curious to know what YOUR type is. Please connect on Instagram and tag Adina so we can see!

What’s Inside:

  • How to create more ease and flow in your life.
  • What is Human Design?
  • How to calculate your Human Design.
  • The five different types of Human Design.
  • The strengths and struggles of your unique Human Design.

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