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The episode is jam packed full of tips and good content for entrepreneurs and their businesses. Pete Mohr is an experienced entrepreneur, coach, and business expert. With Simplifying Entrepreneurship, he helps business owners understand the process and systems needed in their business to turn their frustrations into freedom and stop letting their business own them.

Pete is in the process of writing a book on the “5 Ps”, a premise on which he guides all his entrepreneurs as they create needed systems and processes. 

  • Promise
  • Product 
  • Process
  • People
  • Profit

The promise is based on how you can best help your clients’ biggest problem. Followed by an alignment of product, process, and people. Finally, the outcome is profit and by following the previous Ps, this is where freedom is enjoyed.

We discuss some tips based on something I struggle with, and I am sure many other business owners do as well. Working on the business versus working in the business and how you’re spending time. For me, there are so many things I love about working that when I do get those systems in place and I am having that “freedom”, I can feel a little lost. Pete talks about his “Love it or Leave it” thinking game for entrepreneurs, where they really sort out the parts of the business they love doing and want more time to do and the parts they don’t like and can delegate to gain and actually enjoy the freedom.

It’s this system that gives Pete his name for “Zone of Genius” as his “Love It Zone”. Pete’s “Love It Zone” is talking business with other entrepreneurs. If it’s sharing ideas, discovering processes, and figuring out systems, Pete wants to talk about it. Speaking of talking, Pete shares his favorite business tool. Loom. Loom is set up to record and link videos into email. Pete doesn’t like typing out long, drawn out, over detailed messages where the tone gets lost in translation. With Loom, he can talk it out with the recipient, share his screen, and really get his intended tone across. 

I loved this conversation with Pete because we are a lot alike, we love to talk about all things business. You can find out more about him by checking out his websites and be sure to listen to my appearance on Pete’s podcast, Simplifying Entrepreneurship. 

What’s Inside:

  • What are the 5 P’s and how can they bring clarity to your business?
  • Why you need to create systems and processes for your businesses.
  • How can entrepreneurs turn their frustrations into freedoms?
  • Pete’s tool for the perfect email.

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