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In this episode, I’m so excited to be talking to my doctor and friend, Dr. Michelle Wolford. Dr. Wolford runs a successful private practice treating children and adults for a variety of acute and chronic conditions. She combines her training in western medicine with her profound knowledge of eastern medicine, including plants, energy medicine, nutrition, body movement, meditation, breathwork, and spirituality.

Dr. Wolford recalls one of her first patients and the profound impact that she had on her. The patient first came to her with digestive issues, but digging deeper revealed that she was stuck in the grief process after losing her partner 12 years earlier. Oftentimes, digestive issues stem from a difficulty digesting the outside world, so not just a physical problem but also an emotional one. Dr. Wolford was able to use the power of homeopathic medicine to completely change this woman’s life. It’s these transformations that she loves to be part of.

Death is something that affects every single one of us, but Americans don’t have open conversations about death, which leads to fear. Other cultures approach death differently. It’s not just physical death that we have to cope with. Any loss is a type of death; the loss of a job, loss of identity, and we’re not equipped to deal with it. There are many ways to support someone dealing with death. Herbal remedies keep the body in rhythm so the nervous system doesn’t go too far out of balance, but flower remedies, mantras, and meditations can also be helpful.

Many women will experience some form of sexual assault in their lifetime and it takes courage to speak out. Perpetrators often use psychological tactics to turn the blame onto the victim, to make them feel guilty. It happens too often and we need to step forward and speak out if we want anything to change because it’s almost accepted as normal and it’s really not.

Post-2020, people are asking themselves what they want. Covid flipped the whole world upside down and was a catalyst for self-reflection and personal change. When you take time to pause and reflect, if you don’t like what you see, you desire to change. Dr. Wolford urges us to be brave & bold. Just go for it. If you’re approaching life with AIR: authenticity, integrity, and responsibility for your life and mine, life will always support you.

Social media & developing technologies are having a profound impact, particularly on children. There has been a lot of research into the negative impact of technology on developing brains. Since technology has been more prevalent, drug use has sky-rocketed.

Social media creates false images and expectations. It feeds on our desire for connection. We seek connection so we scroll social media. Dr. Wolford’s tip: take 15-20 minutes to yourself every day to check in with yourself. Every one of us has something to discover with ourselves every day. So doable and incredibly powerful!

What’s Inside:

  • A conversation about death.
  • The power of natural remedies.
  • Everybody needs AIR – Authenticity, Integrity, and Responsibility.
  • The desire to pivot and make a big change in your life.
  • Having the courage to stand up for yourself after being sexually assaulted.
  • Social media & developing technologies and the impact on children.
  • The importance of setting aside time every day to reconnect with yourself.

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