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Patricia Norins is a 4th generation retail owner, and she likes to say it’s in her blood. She sold her company to ICSC and stayed on to grow the company internationally. She started her company Blue Butterfly to help companies implement strategic plans to grow, and she works with Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs. And of course, she’s been my personal mentor for years. I am so happy and honored to introduce you to her so that you can see her awesomeness for yourself.

In this episode, we cover so much ground, but I love that we get to start off with celebrating some personal and professional goals that we completely crushed in Q1. Patricia’s current favorite book is The 12 Week Year, and she gives some of her favorite advice from the book, including wisdom like: “Don’t just be good, DOMINATE.” Now that is incredibly powerful.

Whether you’re scaling up your business or just getting started, nearly everyone at some point has fear hiding in the background. Ask yourself and be honest: What’s the worst that can happen? Even though fear is a normal part of the business process, sometimes it holds us back. When your brain is fighting the change in your life, how can you work with that? Patricia and I talk through that common entrepreneurial problem.

What is the future of retail? From the bottom of her heart, Patricia believes that physical retail will stand the test of time. The online shopping experience has come a long way, but it will never replace that in-person shopping adventure. She says that 96% of people who buy from a website have a desire to shop inside the store too. So if you’re convinced that you have to go all-in on the online experience, listen to Patricia’s voice of experience before you leave the brick and mortar world.

If you’re struggling with goal-setting, send Patricia an email at and get in touch with her. She’d love to give you some support no matter where you’re at in your business.

What’s Inside:

  • You’ll get a good look at how Patricia practices the art of positivity and infuses that energy into goal setting and networking.
  • If your dreams scare the living daylights out of you, I’m going to share my best advice for how to tackle that fear head-on.
  • No one got to where they are without a team; Patricia and I talk about some of our best collaborations with other entrepreneurs.
  • Get a sneak-peek into how Patricia mentors me as I prepare to scale up my business this year to hit my $1 million revenue goal.

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