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Hello and welcome to another episode of Crystal Uncorked!

I’m coming to you a bit worn out after an especially long travel day and a whirlwind of small mishaps. Despite the fatigue, though, I felt it’s crucial to keep up my commitment to you – which is the topic of today’s episode!

See, my promise to you is a unique one: I’m going to mess up. Yes, you heard that right. There may be times when I’ll repeat stories, miss opportunities to delve deeper into a topic, or even fail to fully land a joke. These are just part of being human. But you know what? There’s a liberating freedom in acknowledging this, in accepting our humanity with all its flaws and limitations.

This also allows me to uphold the other side of my commitment to you and myself: doing my very best. That’s the true essence, isn’t it? Doing our best, even when things get tough or when we’re feeling like we’re on the edge.

To all you business owners who are tuning in: let’s give ourselves a break sometimes. Let’s commit to doing our best and being at peace with our humanity, accepting that we might not always be perfect. This mindset, I promise you, is truly liberating.

So, here we are, one of my shortest episodes. I’m really interested to know how you feel about these brief episodes. I truly hope it offers some kind of solace or resonates with you in some way, reminding you to give yourself some grace.

Look forward to next week’s episode – I’ll be delving into the three momentums that have significantly contributed to my business’s recent success. Until then, have a wonderful week, keep striving, and remember: it’s okay to be human, to make mistakes. What matters is giving it your all, despite everything.

Cheers to our shared humanity, making mistakes, and still giving it our all! Thank you for being here, and I’ll see you on the next CU!