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I love talking about authenticity and people’s superpowers and their importance whether we’re marketing online or just simply showing up. I value creativity and I have never been the kind to stick to what everyone else is doing. 

Quick story: back in college, I went to a Halloween party with a friend of mine and everybody was in costumes. My friend dressed up as a cute sexy cat – there were a lot of sexy cats, nurses, and teachers at that party by the way – and there I was as a bag of jellybeans, covered in bright balloons stuffed in a clear trash bag. And honestly, I stood out and got so much attention. 

This story makes me think about how I like to have that uniqueness that makes me and my business different from other people. And what I’ve found and realized over the years of running my own business is when you are yourself and uniquely you – not faking it or trying to be anybody else; just YOU – that shines through and that is what people connect to. 

It can be scary to be ourselves and show who we really are but it’s important we push past the comfort and be comfortable in discomfort. A lot of the doubt we feel about ourselves really comes from comparing ourselves to someone else. This is more about you as a person and your personality versus your unique abilities, strengths and the things you’re good at.  

Yes, it’s easier said than done but I encourage you to let WHO YOU ARE shine through – your uniqueness, your characteristics & your true authentic self. Because there is nobody else on this planet who is exactly like you and that’s what people want to connect with. 

Go ahead and be scared but do it anyway, put yourself out there and be more vulnerable. The more you do it, the more confident you’ll be. In the words of my wise grandmother, “DO IT AFRAID.” 

What’s Inside:

  • What it means to be comfortable in discomfort. 
  • Why letting WHO YOU ARE shine through is important in your business and personal life. 
  • You are uniquely you and you can leverage that. 
  • Vulnerability and putting yourself out there.

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