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Janel Dickin is a former client who left her retail business to become a retail consultant. She works with Management One to help independent retailers operate more efficiently through merchandise planning. She has been a colleague and friend and a big inspiration for me getting started with Crystal Uncorked, the entire conversation over this episode is fun and funny and full of amazing tips and insights for business owners.

Don’t even worry about it”, is Janel’s catchphrase as she calls it. She is such a light and encouragement to her clients and everyone who knows her. When it comes to working in an arena she is fit for, Janel describes her Zone of Genius as a love for business, retail, and helping people. As a retail consultant, she is doing just that. She uses her staple phrase to remind business owners that they are the biggest priority when it comes to operating their business, and putting themselves first will only increase their success. 

As Janel and I talked today, we really break down something we all experience. Chronic Guilt. So what is Chronic Guilt, the chronic illness you never knew about? When we’re at home spending time with our family… we’re feeling guilty. When we’re at work, zoned in on the business, we’re feeling guilty for missing something at home. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing, there is this never ending guilt engrained deep within us. So what do you do and how do you fix that?

Janel shares several incredible tips to set boundaries and operate with priorities to recharge and combat that chronic guilt.

  • Email Hack #1:“Out of Office” Queue up that out of office message, so you don’t feel obligated to reply when you’re not working. Draft an automatic message that lets people know you’ll get to it when you’re available.
  • Email Hack #2:“Send Later” Most email applications have a send later function that allows you to type and prepare an email to get it off your to-do list but send it at a later day or time to either 1. Be courteous of emailing others on their weekends or 2. Not set the expectation that you’re available during “off time”.  
  • The Fake Employee:Create a fake persona to answer emails, customer service replies, social media comments, head up departments etc. This sets a filter for responses as the business owner AND makes your business appear bigger and more organized.
  • Recharge: Whether it’s an hour a day or an entire month, whatever getting away looks like for you, do it. You will always come back with new ideas and more energy. 
  • Prioritize: You only have one life and limited opportunities to spend time with the people you love, make time for them when necessary and don’t feel guilty about it.

If there is anybody in the world that wants to see you succeed, it’s Janel Dickin. She will celebrate you and encourage you for the smallest of things. If you want to learn more about Janel you can find her online, through Management One or through her firm Authentic Consulting Group.

What’s Inside:

  • What can a retail consultant do to improve business for independent retailers?
  • What is chronic guilt and how can you manage its effects?
  • Prioritizing yourself and your personal needs to drive your professional success.
  • Hot tips for setting boundaries via email and online interactions. 

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