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I recently took a Strengths Finder test and found out that I’m competitive and like to achieve things. Which is really no surprise to me. When you’re competitive like I am, you always want to win. But that’s not realistic.

When I knock out my to-do list and am crushing my achievements, I feel like I’m on top of the world. But that’s also not realistic.

Then add into all of these things the absolute time suck of procrastination and you can see why it’s a recipe for disaster. No one can win all of the time or achieve every goal on their list every day. It’s just not real life. Plus, I just physically and mentally do not have it in me to be at the top of my game every single day.

In this episode, I’ll share some of my planning tips for accommodating my natural ebb and flow of energy, and I’ll include how you can set up your physical environment for success. Then I’m going to tackle procrastination, which all of us have to deal with at some point. You’ll see how identifying these things will help you disrupt the procrastination cycle:

  • Trigger
  • Pattern
  • Reward

What about you? Where do you land in the Strengths Finder test? I would love to hear from you if you struggle with procrastination, competitiveness, or the pursuit of perfection. Come talk to me on Instagram: @crystaluncorked.

What’s Inside:

  • My new favorite quote is “Procrastination is a form of stress relief”, and boy do I feel that this week.
  • The energy that I spend thinking about creating work, I could’ve taken all of that time and energy to do the work and then be free!
  • I’m going to share how you can break the habit of procrastination in 3 simple steps.

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