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Susan Negen is the other half of WhizBang! Retail Training and my dear friend and industry partner. I previously had her other half Bob Negen on the show for episode 43. As WhizBang! celebrates 23 years, Susan shares some great tips and lessons on creating both a business and a life that you love. 

Not only does Susan run an incredible business, but she also does it with her spouse! She shares how they don’t just make it work, they thrive together. For partners working together, it’s important that they be aligned with their thinking and plan to grow in the same direction. If you both don’t have the same goals for your business, you can expect problems. That doesn’t mean you won’t have differences, but Susan highlights the importance of making time to discuss your visions and blend them where they don’t match up. She also says defined roles are key! Both partners should have a specific job and own it. For Susan and Bob, she is the actionary, getting shit done and Bob is the dreamer and visionary!

Susan has a lot to share about visioning and converting that vision into focused action. Your outcomes and dreams can be planned and actualized if you just take the time to think and make your vision clear. She uses a great analogy about going out on a hike and you get to a beautiful peak but your campsite isn’t there…the view may be beautiful but it was not what you wanted and you’ll need to go back out and hike some more to get to the right peak. It’s so much easier when you reach your desired destination the first time, if you do the work and you plan the vision, and you read the “map” you can get there.

One thing I love about WhizBang! is their team, every event it’s the same team. Susan and Bob are such great leaders that they have incredible employee retention and great culture. One thing that can cause failure in leadership and employee turnover is burnout! In today’s business world this is a big problem and a hot topic. Susan says the key is active rest…and not feeling guilty. We talk about active rest versus fake rest and the importance of giving yourself grace to do the most important thing for yourself and your business: make time for you!

With 23 years in business, Susan’s biggest takeaway from her journey is to take risks and go all in. WhizBang! is always working to provide an ever-increasing positive impact for the independent retail community. You can find out more about WhizBang! Retail Training on their website and social media!

What’s Inside:

  • Converting vision to focused action.
  • Tips to create a business and life you love.
  • Preventing and handling burnout.
  • Active rest versus fake rest.
  • The secret to working with your spouse.

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