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If you’re struggling with needing to be perfect to get started, or thinking everyone knows the answer but you, this is the episode for you. In this open and honest conversation with Oonagh Duncan, CEO of Fit Feels Good, award-winning fitness coach, and the author of the bestselling book, Healthy as F*CK, we talk about all the highs, lows, and insides of being a business owner and person in today’s world.

Oonagh’s career actually began as a Canadian actress and playwright, where she began fitness coaching at the beginning of her day. As time went on, she realized where her passion laid and she moved into fitness full time. When she committed to this as her career and niche, doors started opening and the opportunities exploded.

Last season, I talked about my “Made it Moment” visualization. Oonagh shares a few of her special moments in her career including the moment she found out she was a bestselling author. Having been told a few days prior her book fell short on the bestsellers list, she received a call while in the airport that a mistake had been made and she was in fact number one! This news for her was a pivotal moment and twice as sweet.

Oonagh is a part of a Mastermind group I am in and is full of amazing tips and tricks. Her best piece of advice originates from her acting career. She describes the roles of a character, one being the actions they take. Oonagh says that the most impactful and important actions revolve around the transformation of another character. She carries this advice into her business as she builds her focus and priority into her audience, her goal is not to look inspiring but to actually take action and create inspiration within her clients. The message behind this is to look past yourself and what you can do for yourself, and instead ask what you can do for your audience.

Do we all have it all figured out? No. No matter how successful you are in business or how much money you make, no one has the answers. Oonagh shares some profound questions she is grappling with through her recent experiences. One in particular, What does it mean to live fully in the here and now? The world has gone through some heavy, deep, and somber experiences in the last few years. We can all relate to lose and confusion. So Oonagh is on a self-journey to understand how to take on life and seize her desires and live life in the present!

Wow, this conversation was just an incredible way to kick off the season! If you’d like to learn more about Oonagh Duncan or get connected with her be sure to check out her website, get on her email list, and follow her on Instagram.

What’s Inside:

  • What can happen when you allow yourself to pursue something you love?
  • What are Oonagh Duncan’s “Made it Moments”?
  • Oonagh’s transformative business advice.
  • What big questions and curiosities are on Oonagh’s mind?

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