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Michelle Smith is the owner of Piccolo Mondo Toys, an Oregon-based toy store, with three locations and a website. Michelle built her business from her unique passions of travel, cultural awareness, children in developing countries, play, and education. Piccolo Mondo is the Italian phrase for “Small World”, a perfect match for Michelle’s message of play and connection around the world for her store.

Michelle’s Three Tips and Lessons

  1. Pay really close attention to who you surround yourself with. Surround yourself with the people you want to be more like.
  2. Try new things, don’t be afraid to fail. 
  3. Ask for help sometimes. 

These three tips haven’t always come easily to Michelle, she admits it’s taken her until now to start to adapt these in her everyday practice. As she says in today’s episode, it’s progress, not perfection. She shares some great stories behind these lessons and how they’ve really impacted her business and life since following through. 

As a business owner, you face many obstacles and new ideas. It’s hard to know what is right and when to try something. Michelle and I agree about gut feelings. She says she finds it important to listen to her inner voice, it usually proves to be the right choice and she’s thankful for it. 

Goal Setting

Michelle’s best business advice is all about goal setting. She is a goal-driven person and executes goals in all aspects of her life. She emphasizes the importance of writing goals down. Michelle sets goals in her personal life and work and encourages her family to do the same. Oftentimes, we get so caught up in succeeding and doing so that we don’t stop to think about physical goals and how we can actually measure that success. This is such great advice all around!

What’s Next for Piccolo Mondo Toys?

As Piccolo Mondo Toys has expanded, Michelle wants to be true to herself and the message that brought her business to reality. She is striving to stay authentic in her branding and getting her message out to her perfect customers. You can find out more about Piccolo Mondo Toys on their website or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

What’s Inside:

  • How a business can grow from your unique passions.
  • Three tips and lessons from business owner, Michelle Smith.
  • Michelle Smith’s best business advice.
  • The importance of goal setting and writing down your goals.
  • Are you communicating your desired brand and message for your business?

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