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Laura Brandenburg is a great friend of mine and a member of my mastermind group. She is the founder and CEO of, Bridging the Gap, an online training and certification company for business analysts.

Not only is Laura incredibly successful in her business but she discusses her success in real estate as well. For Laura, her “Made it Moment” in business was the first sale of her ebook one year after beginning her blog. She also shares a really special “Made it Moment” after she arrived in North Carolina in their new investment home. She speaks on the incredible rewards of working hard and being intentional and seeing everything come to fruition.

One of my favorite things about Laura is her Zone of Genius. She is truly an answer seeker. But more than that, she is intentional about digging deep and finding the root question. She has a really unique way of looking at a set of problems and seeing more.

This wouldn’t be Crystal Uncorked without getting raw and real, Laura talks about some big decisions in her business, like adding on a crucial new team member. When making big changes like that, self-doubt comes flying in. She handles these feelings by taking the worst-case scenario approach. This is where you let your mind go to the worst possible outcome of your decision, and you can decide… can you handle it? More times than not you can and in reality, you usually never have to. 

Not only has Laura battled self-doubt, like many other business owners, but she has also overcome burnout. She made the incredibly important point that you do not have to physically be working overtime to experience burnout, it can happen if you’re working less than the typical person but your mind is never taking a day off. After Laura was hospitalized just a few years ago for this, I have witnessed her change her intentions, create boundaries, and make such a healthy shift that is so important for all business owners. 

Laura is not about keeping her secrets, tips, and lessons learned to herself. In this episode, she shares three really great pieces of advice for business owners and those looking to create a revenue through real estate investment. Stay tuned till the end if you want to see how a business analyst can be connected to farming! If you want to find out more about Laura Brandenburg, check out her website or find her on LinkedIn and Instagram.

What’s Inside:

  • The importance of the Zone of Genius.
  • Tips and lessons learned in real estate investing and business.
  • What it means to have self-doubt in business.
  • Can you handle the worst-case scenario?
  • Can burnout put you in the hospital?

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