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When so many businesses were considered non-essential last year, many business owners turned to Josh Orr to finally help them get online and still reach their customers. Like it or not, the last year has dramatically changed consumers’ shopping habits, and “Retail Josh” has been guiding business owners through this transition. A beautiful website is the bare minimum online presence for a retail business today, but retailers also need to understand the backend parts of a website. That’s where Josh comes in.

If you think that Shopify is just software, you’re going to miss how powerful of a tool it can be. And oh my gosh, you’re going to love how quickly Josh cuts to the chase and points out how smaller retailers need to chart a new path through this post-pandemic world. If you’re a retailer just getting comfortable with e-commerce, Josh wants you to start from square one:

  • Don’t obsess over bells and whistles
  • Focus on what is essential on the website
  • Focus on your customer: Who are they? How do you serve them?

Before the pandemic, people shopped online, but now, post-pandemic, people are suddenly a lot more comfortable shopping online. Josh feels like shopping trends accelerated ten years in 2020. If you don’t adapt to that change, you’re going to get crushed. If you leaned into online selling last year, you’re going to kill it.

Josh is the absolute king of analogies and he lays down some amazing golden nuggets of wisdom. I loved this amazing conversation, and I’m thrilled that we’re both going to be at the Retail Success Summit on June 7th-9th, 2021. Get your tickets now, and get ready for three full days of more awesome conversations just like this one.

What’s Inside:

  • How Josh creates a fake commute and schedule to get himself ready for virtual working.
  • We discuss the shift to online shopping and how it’ll play out for brick-and-mortar stores in the next few years.
  • Imposter syndrome shows up in everyone. We talk feelings and Josh gets deep on how he figures out if he’s really an imposter.
  • Josh is providing some free resources for my listeners at Check it out!

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