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Are you looking to achieve success without the stress? Today, I am so excited to share 5 efficiencies I have integrated into my business and why they are so important.

Besides the obvious, efficiency is better, these new systems I have set up have brought me so much value. Utilizing new efficiencies has allowed us to plan ahead, we are ahead of the game instead of struggling to keep our heads above water. Planning ahead also allows room for unplanned events or emergencies. These things that inevitably pop up no longer lead to overwhelm and failure. We’re also able to be more strategic, because we have more time to work on things and more people functioning at optimal range, we can think critically about what we want in a project. And ultimately all of these things combined mean: Less Stress.  Less stress is better for everybody, whether you’re a business owner or an employee, an environment of organization and minimal stress improves productivity and the business as a whole.

5 Efficiencies I Have Implemented in My Business:

  1. Collaboration: This has become a critical theme in our business. I have created teams to better assist in collaboration. Now everyone knows their role and what that means in a project.
  2. Meetings: This isn’t simply spending more time in meetings, but how are your meetings being held. I have added structure, action points, accountability. Now, meetings have become an organized place of both collaboration and productivity.
  3. Looking ahead: Because this industry is always changing, I only like to look ahead about a quarter to 6 months. Instead of only focusing on what’s happening now or next week, I am creating a calendar and assignments for the next quarter. I like to start with a goal and reverse engineer it, this creates room and time for improvement on established goals and the foresight to create new goals.
  4. Asana: “From the small stuff to the big picture, Asana organizes work so teams know what to do, why it matters, and how to get it done.” Asana is a digital organization tool I use that is one very beautiful place to store project details, important dates, assignments… basically anything you need to organize and have access to. 
  5. Hiring a Key Employee: A Marketing Manager, was a missing piece in my business. Sometimes efficiencies are adding more players that can help you accomplish your goals and take the load off of other employees’ shoulders. Our Marketing Manager starts mid-April and will hopefully fall into place seamlessly with the new systems and efficiencies set up. 

Has this taken more of my time? Yes it definitely has but I’m spending more time now to save time later. Honestly, adding these organizational and efficient pieces to my business has been fun for me because I see how big the benefit is going to be. These efficiencies are making way for some big things Crystal Media has in store. This September, we celebrate 10 years of business. And my most exciting news yet, I have signed a venue contract for my very own conference. EVOLVE, coming to Denver in 2023, be sure to check out all the details. 

Do you have your own efficiency hack for your business? 

What’s Inside:

  • 5 efficiencies I have implemented into my business.
  • Why these new efficiencies are important to business success.
  • How 5 efficiencies improved my business.
  • How to achieve success with less stress
  • An exciting announcement: EVOLVE 2023

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