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After talking with Grace Kang, I can’t wait to check out her boutique Pink Olive at any of the amazing locations she shared about on the show today. 

Grace opened up Pink Olive at its first location in the East Village of Manhattan, New York 15 years ago. She now has another NYC location, as well as one in Cold Water, New York, and Little Rock, Arkansas. If you tune in, you’ll hear all about how she ended up in the adorable up-and-coming neighborhood of SoMa, Little Rock with her husband Matt.

Not only does Grace share about her wonderfully curated stores where she maximizes her Zone of Genius, bringing products to life for its ideal customer, but she also has some pretty great business and life tips too. One of the many things we have in common is the “Brain Dump”, Grace says she uses this to beat the overwhelm and get all her ideas out of her head onto paper. From there she can sort and make sense of everything she’s been thinking about instead of keeping it all up in her mind.

Another thing I love that Grace recommends is “Happy Tuesday”. This is what she calls her dedicated inspiration day, where she has a special day to be happy, get inspired, and take care of her creative side. You’ll have to listen to the episode for more of her wisdom and the tips we share. Especially a really sweet piece of advice from her late father.

You can check out more about Grace Olive and Pink Olive on their website and social media.

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What’s Inside:

  • Pink Olive, a whimsical Boutique with 4 locations.
  • Honing and analyzing your ideal customer.
  • A retail perspective on surviving the pandemic.
  • A smart tip for beating overwhelm.
  • “Happy Tuesday”, Grace’s scheduled personal inspiration day.
  • How Grace’s Zone of Genius works for her business.

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