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Wine Recommendation from this Episode: My Wine 2018 Joel Gott 815 Cabernet

25 episodes are certainly something to celebrate. My boyfriend, Dustin Peyser, flipped the script and interviewed me, Crystal Vilkaitis. We enjoyed a few bottles of wine while we took a trip down memory lane. Cheers!

This podcast has become such a labor of love for me. I have so many listeners from near and far. It’s such an honor for me that anyone listens to the show, but especially my dear friends. Time is our greatest resource, and to have you here sharing it with me is something I couldn’t be more grateful for.

If you have a podcast or are thinking of starting one, one of my best pieces of advice is to invest in it! If it is something you enjoy, treat it like any one of your hobbies that you would buy supplies and put money into. Making it to episode 25 is such a milestone for me and having the podcast team, Podfixer, behind me has really ensured I’ve made it this far.

Going into the creation of the show, I didn’t anticipate how much work truly went into doing a podcast. I also underestimated how seriously I’d take this. So much goes into getting my guests. I’ve found that my interviews have been a big highlight of the show and it can be so scary asking people to do the show. I’ve had friends, clients, and people close to me on the show, which has been great. Now, I’m starting to venture into taking on people I have never even met or talked to before, and that is intimidating. I’ve gotten big into analyzing interviews and my piece of advice for interviewers is: leave the conversation to the guest. The focus of the interview should stay about the interviewee; be careful not to talk too much or turn the focus to you!

There have been so many incredible interviews in the last 25 episodes. I have truly loved every guest episode so far for different reasons. My interview with Rob and Leah Davis was such an emotional and powerful episode. We talk about the movement and inspiration that came from the grief of losing their son; they share some really moving sentiments. It’s not the only episode that has been so special to me; my goal of this show is to create a safe place to share and I have so much trust in the content of this show.

Dustin challenges my vision for the show. We all know I am a dreamer and I have so many hopes and dreams. The community my show will create, future merch, and people I’ll inspire are really what drives me in the creation of this show. Who knows who I could interview in the future?

In this episode, we dive into behind-the-scenes thoughts and processes that keep this show going. This is just the beginning for Crystal Uncorked!

What’s Inside:

  • An interview by my boyfriend, Dustin Peyser.
  • A look at some of my favorite episodes.
  • My hopes and dreams for the podcast.
  • Interview tips and new ideas for the show.

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