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Happy New Year! It’s 2023, and after what felt like a long, long December it is finally the new year! I hope you had a great holiday season with family, and friends, and doing what you love to do! If you’re anything like me though, you’re ready to start the new year with big goals, and important changes, and ready to see success. I am sharing a few rituals, one old and one new, that are helping me plan and attain my goals for 2023.

Annual New Year Ritual: Word of the Year

Every year I like to choose a word, it may be aspirational or descriptive, but it explains how I am going to work, live, and reach my goals. This year I chose two! One Professional and one personal.

Ease: This year my business hit 10 years and I really feel like we have a strong foundation and our client base and messaging are strong. So why make it complicated? I want everything to feel easy. I want ease to be the lens and filter in which my team and I do all our work this year!

Content: I have such an internal hole to fill with content creation. This year for my personal word, I want to create habits and practices that fuel my creativity and allow me to create stellar content. This goes for the podcast, social media, and hopefully some other great stuff.

New Habit: Best Year Blue Print

If you haven’t heard of the Best Year Blue Print from Jenn Gottlieb you need to check it out. I learned about it in a masterclass and kind of did my own take!

Step 1: Reflection – Take all of your wins this year…big, small, simple, elaborate. Look back, remember, and write down all of those wins and accomplishments. 

Step 2: Gratitude – While you’re looking back, think of everything you’re thankful for…people, moments, events, accomplishments. Find a place of gratitude and abundance for everything you’ve experienced and shared this past year.

Step 3: Create a List – Use these first two steps to help you decide how you want to feel in the new year. Goals, ambitions, feelings, success…what do you want from 2023?

Step 4: Letter to Self – Take all of that and write yourself a letter. Fill it with all the things you want to do, the changes you’re going to be accountable for making, how you want to feel, the concrete goals…. and the next step is the best part.

Step 5: READ IT EVERY DAY — Read your letter every day…morning or night…build it into your routine. Use this letter to inspire you and remind you of the things you need to do to reach your goals.

I’ve already started reading mine and those words… “Dear beautiful badass me…” each day is already proving to be so important… I can’t wait to get to the end of next year and say “I did it!”.

If you’re not committing to some kind of accountability or practice to help you reach those goals and ambitions you’re setting for the new year, you cannot be frustrated or surprised when you blink and December is over, only to realize daily life got the best of you. 

So, what are your new year habits? How are you going to reach YOUR goals? Shoot me a DM or an email, I’d love to hear about it!

What’s Inside:

  • Happy New Year, 2023!
  • What is the Word of the Year and how can it drive your goals and success?
  • Crystal’s take on Jen Gottlieb’s “Best Year Blue Print”.
  • Reflection and Gratitude on the big and little wins, moments, people, and events from 2022.
  • Habits and rituals to create achievement and success in the New Year.

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