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Have you heard about Chat GPT? 

I am coming to you from Salt Lake City, Utah for an Outdoor Retailer Snow Show. Pauline and I are spending some time between the show getting really focused on branding and messaging for this year, and some special goals and projects we’ve got in the works. But I had to come on here and talk to you about this powerful new tool, Chat GPT.

Chat GPT is an AI that can answer questions, write essays, articles, blogs, scripts, poems, emails…you name it. It is an incredibly diverse bot that can even narrow and drill down its writing based on various prompts and requests. I’ve seen people have Chat GPT write grocery lists so specific that it plans out diet-specific meals for each day of the week. But how can you use this in business?

  1. Emails – Do you have a hard-to-write email at the end of the day that needs to address an employee’s behavior? Do you want to send out a mass email about a super exciting event? Give the details to Chat GPT and leave it to them.
  2. Blogs – Chat GPT can actually write articles based on topics relevant to your business like the top 10 tips for new dog owners
  3. Social Media – In a creative content rut? Have Chat GPT write up your next 10 social posts with a specific content focus. Too long? Ask GPT to shorten them. Need only captions, tell Chat GPT it’s for Instagram.
  4. Content – The uses are endless: ask for content ideas, generate a script to read on video, and so much more.
  5. Procedures and Documents – Chat GPT can write down important information surrounding procedures or other documents for your business.

These simple prompts are just ideas but putting them to use can dramatically save time and even help you stand out creatively by utilizing formats you might not feel comfortable with normally. Now I know for a lot of people, AI and technology like this can feel scary…or like the newest thing to learn, and you might not feel ready for it. But I am asking you to keep an open mind because the impact of Chat GPT is going to be incredible.

At the time of this recording, I still have some tickets available to Evolve where we are going to be talking all about Chat GPT and so much more! You are not going to want to miss this event, so hurry up before they sell out!

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What’s Inside:

  • What is Chat GPT?
  • How can a Chat AI be used in business and marketing?
  • Time-saving uses for Chat GPT.
  • The power of new technology.
  • Evolve Conference April 2023.

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